Monday, May 6, 2013

Standing next to an old Model A Ford are: Harry Bannon, Louise (Escalle) Bannon, and Edness (Rhoads) Escalle. Edness was married to Frank, and this house in the photo is where they lived outside Earlimart, California. It was a two-room house with no bathroom. That room was outside. It was "a beautiful two-holer" according to Frank. I think Harry and Louise were living in Fresno at the time. Although this is not a photo of any part of my family. I loved the way this photo was shared and it said a lot about the time.


  1. Frank and Edness were my grandparents. When their two boys (my father and uncle)were of school age they moved that house into Ealimart. When the boys were in high school, Frank finally had modern plumbing put in. No more "two-holer" outhouse. Frank and Edness got divorced when the boys were in high school. Their oldest boy (my uncle) became the first-ever jet pilot from the Delano-Earlimart area. He flew fighters during the Korean War, but became MIA in 1953.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I am researching with a group from Earlimart. I enjoy all the stories, I spent most of my childhood in center California, born in Tulare.