Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mason Stinnett

1860 Federal Census of Pike County, Arkansas

by J. Shane Hill and Dorothy Kennedy Partain

Township: Antoine BIRTH REMARKS NAME AGE SEX OCCUPATION PLACE Dwelling/Family: 485/485 Stinnett, Mason 46 m farmer TN Stinnett, Cyrena 39 f TN Stinnett, Hugh 19 m MS Stinnett, P.A. 17 f MS Stinnett, David 14 m MS Stinnett, Evans 7 f AR Stinnett, John 5 m AR Stinnett, Rufus 1 m AR Stinnett, Mason 1 m AR Dwelling/Family: 486/486 Moffett, E.F. 35 m farmer TN Moffett, Catharine 28 f TN Moffett, James A. 10 m TN Moffett, E.F. 8 m AR Moffett, N.J. 5 f AR Moffett, M.L. 3 f AR Moffett, Luticia 19 f TN Dwelling/Family: 487/487 Lightsey, Solomon 52 m farmer SC Lightsey, Malinda 46 f SC

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