Monday, March 26, 2012

Grandpa Dotson and Great Grandpa Miller

When I was a little girl, these wonderful men where very much apart of my life. They were funny and fun and left me with a life time of wonderful memories. Grandpa Dotson was Great Grandpa Miller's son-in-law...they were really good friends.
Grandpa Dotson was my constant friend, he was so understanding. He knew how to make life better in the face of some hard things for me. When he passed, it left a Hugh hole in forever love, Grandpa. Great Grandpa Miller was so English, he has the pipe in his hands that was almost always there. He talked very soft, and loved to buy me a RC cola and a candy bar....that was a big deal to us kids. We didn't get these kind of treats very often. I could make that cola and candy bar last all day. He would tell me often how much I looked like Great Grandma (Vinnie Pennington Davis Miller), she had red hair and brown eyes. And she died very young leaving 4 boys and 4 girls. So I knew he missed her. I love her name! She was Irish Catholic.
I often wish that I had asked more questions of these dear men, I know they had so many interesting stories.

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