Sunday, April 15, 2012

research #1

William Ownby (Wm. Cuberston "Cub") 1835-1914 and his wife Sarah Bohanan (1840-1917) have a farm worth $1,100 and newly married with one daughter (Martha) own the lands of the Sugarland nature walks at the visitor center and across the road towards Laurel Falls along the branch. Cub had a store off the left side of the road that later was operated by the Bohanan's. His grandson showed me his grave (now unreadable) in the old Wm Stinnett (Upper fighting Creek) Cemetery.
Preacher Richard Evans (1824-1901) with wife Mary "Olive" Ownby (1821-1908) with 8 children are living at today's Park headquarters. He had the Fighting Creek church that today would have sat right in the middle of the Park road at the cemetery. He's the first big stone heading up the steps. His daughter married the old William Stinnett that the old William Stinnett cemetery is named about half mile from there.
William Stinnett (1824-1909) married to Elizabeth "Betty" Evans (1840-1888) have 3 children in the house. When Betty dies, than William marries Cub Ownby's daughter (40 years his younger) and has one child, Ashley Stinnett.
Joel Kear (1796 NC - 1871) and wife Sarah Huff (1809-1886) with 9 children on a farm worth $2,000 are along Dudley Creek areas. But, could be in on the center hill of Gatlinburg at the time above the White Oaks Cemetery because that is where the Huff's are located.

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