Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Morris Fay Dotson

 Morris Fay Dotson was a very special uncle. He went into the Navy at 17 looking for adventure. We lived in a small town (Tipton, California) where there was not much for a boy man to look forward to. Everyone farmed or worked for farmers and this was not his dream. It was hard for me when he left, he was more like a brother than my uncle. We wrote to each other when I learn to write. He brought me things from far away places. My favorite is my gold locket that has his picture in it. But the Royal Blue Kitty was special too. I loved knowing where he was because he could tell me stories about places and the people. He was so smart, and our who family loved his adventures.
Dotson Ridge was named after him because he was part of a team that spent almost two years in
Antarctica when there were not the clothes and modern things to keep them warm. To explore such a cold barren place was done by few. The after math of this time there was many illnesses, and as a result he died very young. He was only 38 years young when he left us. It was a heartbreak for his in tire family.

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