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James Logan Colbert

James Colbert was a trader among the Chickasaw, and was sometimes called "James Logan Colbert" even though no documentated evidence has yet proven that "Logan" was his middle name.

Family tradition states that he came from Scotland aboard the ship PRINCE OF WALES to Georgia in 1736, but his name is NOT found on the passenger lists.

He once stated that he had been born in the colonies, and a long time interperter for the Chickasaw, Malcolm McGee, stated that Colbert was from one of the Carolina's.

In the book ADAIR'S HISTORY, on page 398, James Adair states that James Logan Colbert was born about 1721, and the he had "lived among the Chikkasaw from his childhood, and speaks their language even with more propriety than the English".

James Logan Colbert was married three times:

1st to a full blood Chickasaw, by whom he had:

1 daughter - name unknown, died young.

2 William, born about 1750. Became a Chickasaw chief. Was also called Chooshemataha, Pyaheggo, and Billy Colbert. Married to Jesse Moniac (who was also called Wayther, and whose mother was a Creek). He later married a woman named Mimey.

James Logan Colbert's 2nd marriage was , also a full blood Chickasaw he had:

3 George, born 1764, became a Chickasaw chief, was also called Tootemastubbe. Often refered to as Colonel George Colbert. Married three times, two of his wives were daughters of Cherokee Chief Doublehead. One of these two women died befotre 1818, the other sister was Salechi. His 3rd wife was Tuskeahookto, who he married in 1834.

4 Levi, born 1759, became a Chickasaw chief, earning the title "Itawamba Mingo". He had a large family. One wife was named Mintahoyo, another was named Ishtemmarharlechar, the 3rd wife was named Schtimmarshashoctay.

5 Joseph, married Elmira Oxberry.

6 Samuel, born 1816 married Rhoda Gunn, they seperated, he later married Lucinda Love.

James Logan Colbert's 3rd marriage was to a mixed blood Chickasaw, by whom he had:

7 James (Jr.), born about 1768, became a Chickasaw chief. He married three times, 1st to Susan James, a Choctaw, 2nd to a Mrs. Frazier, a half blood, 3rd to a full blood Choctaw Nelly.

8 Susan

The Draper Papers indicate that all of James' children were dead by the summer of 1842, with the exception of perhaps one daughter ( Susan Perry).


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