Thursday, September 6, 2012

Col. George "Tootemastubbe" Colbert

COLBERT, GEORGE (ca. 1764-1839)
  • George Colbert (Tootemastubbe) was the second oldest of five mixed-blood sons of the trader James Logan Colbert and his second wife, Minta Hoya. Prospering from the mercantile trade, farming, and stock raising, Colbert and his brothers dominated the tribal affairs of the Chickasaw through removal.
    Colbert's military exploits gave him influence in the tribal council and brought him into contact with George Washington and Andrew Jackson. He served as a major under Arthur St. Clair in 1791 and Anthony Wayne in 1794 and was commissioned a colonel by Washington for his service. He also helped raise 350 Chickasaw auxiliaries and served under Jackson in the Creek War of 1813-14.
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